Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

SMDRSD College of Education-Learning Resource Center (SMDRSD College of Education LRC) is continually starving to become a valuable resource for its member and knowledge seekers. SMDRSD College of Education LRC plays a fundamental role in the development activities of both students & teachers.


“To aid the development of knowledge seeking minds via timely and quality driven service”


To serve as a catalyst for the overall development of the institution and its related activities and to actively participate in the fructification of the institution’s plan of action.


  • Giving timely and qualitative information service to our users.
  • Enhancing collection development continually expanding and unproning the
  • Availability of learning content-print and e-resource.
  • Assisting users to upgrade their knowledge skill in effective usage of library resources and service.
  • Enabling users to become better informed in their field of specialization through SDI (Selective dissention of information), via our Website…………………………….
  • Promoting e-learning
  • Continual upgradation of SMDRSD College of Education LRC Website ……………


  • To Select, Acquire, preserve and disseminate relevant and latest information for our users.
  • Enabling users to become better informed in their field of specialization
  • To procure the booked and other reading materials requisitioned by faculty and student.
  • To supply the latest information to all students & faculty members and other users.
  • Providing SDI thought display of Newspaper Clipping and employment information on notice board.

Users*: Students, Faculty members, interlibrary members and knowledge seeker per …..

Working House

The SMDRSD College of Education LRC is open through out year with the public holidays. Regular timings are
Summer – 8:30am to 4:00 pm
Winter – 9:30am to 4:30pm


SMDRSD College of Education LRC is well Ventilated and naturally lighted hall that has been divided into various section -) Reading Section, Reference Section, Journal Section & Newspapers.


The SMDRSD College of Education LRC collection includes; books, journals, Audio-Visual aids reference books, syllabus, magazine newspapers.

Sr. No. Books Total
1. Total Books 


2. Reference Books 597
3. School Text Books 580
4. Journals 03
5. Magazine 05
6. Newspaper 06

Library Committee

SMDRSD College has formed library committee to formulate policies and guidelines for the smooth functioning of library activities it also involves student representative


  • CAS/ Current awareness services
  • Reference Service
  • Internet Service
  • Reprography / Xerox copy service
  • Inter Library loan
  • Book Bank
  • Newspaper Clipping
  • Magazine Clipping
  • SDI

*SMDRSD College of Education, LRC follows open Assess system / close Access system where by user have use access to the books collect

Library Extension Activities 

* Book Exhibition:- to create awareness and to know about latest books in their subject.
* Subject suggestion form: – to improve library service and to build good knowledge resource.

Library Section

  • Ed section
  • T.T. Section
  • Journal Section
  • Reference Section
  • Newspaper Section
  • Display Section
  • Storing Section
  • Library Cabin

Library Rules

  • The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed on the reader’s ticket.
  • Books are issued for 14 days only. An automatic fine of Rs. 5 only per day charged.
  • Books lost, defaced or injured in any way shall have to be replaced by borrower.
  • The librarian may use call a book at anytime in case of urgency.
  • The report of the lost of the identity card and reader’s tickets should be made immodestly.
  • Reference books, Figurative of illustrated material and journal are not issued to anyone.
  • Perfect order and silent to maintain in the library at all time.
  • Student on leave must arrange to return to the books in time.
  • Do not use mobile phone in the library


For assistance & enquiries please contact Ms. Garima
E-mail:- smdrsdedu@yahoo.co.in
SMDRSD College of Education LRC Pathankot